Tips to Help You Tackle Your Assignments Faster

Do you struggle to complete your assignments on time? Do you want to improve the way you do my homework? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will cover all crucial tips that will help you tackle assignments quicker. After you read this article, you will never hassle completing homework on time again.

Background story

I was an athlete in high school, which means I had to balance between education and my talent. The assignment made my life even harder. To make sure I completed my homework on time, I had to come up with a process. The process helped me finish my assignments on time, and left me with extra hours to focus on my talent. Hence I want to share the secret that I used to help you complete your assignments faster.

Work hard

Make sure you put in equal or more effort to your studies compared to your extra curriculum activities. Utilize every free time you have to read. You can use break times to go through a chapter you did not understand when the teacher was teaching. Attempt a math question on your way to school. Doing so will help you understand the topics covered in your assignment. But also use every chance you get to let loose to the fullest.

Easy to hard questions technique

Go through your assignment and gauge the difficulty level of each question. You can then arrange the questions according to their difficulty level and tackle them going up. When you find the answer to the simpler questions you will be motivated to tackle the harder questions. Also, the hard questions mostly borrow concepts from the easy questions.

The easy to hard questions technique works since your brain is divided into two thinking modes.

  1. Focused mode – you focus solely on a question then try to tackle it logically.
  2. Diffused mode – your brain relaxes and wanders off. It then responds by providing insightful feedback.

To tackle complex questions, the two thinking modes have to be applied. Focus on calculating the question and using complex formulas to get accurate answers, then relax. Your mind drifts away and you get crucial feedback that will help you tackle the questions quicker.

Record sample questions tackled in class

Having up-to-date notes is crucial to this process. It makes sure you know the range of topics that you have covered. And the parts that were complicated. It also boosts your confidence, knowing you have all the information you need to tackle any assignment in that subject.

Here are some tips to boost your note-taking skills:

  • Jot down the answer, then focus on the solution later

Using this technique helps you know the ending of any solution. So that even when you get lost in the solution process, you can try and work on the question alone to get the required answer. You can also infer from friends or even the teacher in case you get the wrong answer.

  • Annotate your notes

Your notes play a crucial role in your exam preparation process. So you have to make sure they are well organized and annotated for easier reference. Math questions especially need to be annotated well for better flow.

  • Do your assignment in school

A common myth is that homework should only be tackled at home. However, if you tackle your assignment in school, you will have friends to help you and library resources. You are also able to recap the working due to it having been taught only hours from the time you decide to tackle your assignment.


Assignments can be intimidating to students. However, when used appropriately they can help you boost your grades as well as the understanding of the subject.