Writing Great Essays for the TOEIC and TOEFL

At times, writing essays can be a daunting task. What makes it even harder is writing the essay in your first language. Follow the instructions below whenever you are taking the TOEIC or the TOEFL and have to complete the writing assessment. The instructions will help you organize a great essay with five paragraphs in English.

First Paragraph: The Introduction

The paragraph consists of three to five sentences. It has two purposes: to grab the reader’s attention and provide the thesis or central point of the entire essay. 

Whenever you intend to get the attention of the reader, your first sentences must be essential. Use descriptive words, a striking question, an anecdote, or an interesting fact that relates to the topic.

On the other hand, when stating your main point, the last sentence in the first paragraph is critical. To break it down, the first few sentences of the introduction introduce the topic and grab the reader’s attention. The last sentence brings out what you are thinking about the issue at hand. It also tells the readers the list of points you are going to write about in the essay. 

Second to the Fourth paragraph: Explaining the Points

After stating your main point, you have to explain it. The job of paragraphs two, three, and four is to describe the major issues of the thesis you are writing. You have to use statistics, examples from literature, your life, the news, or other sources to get facts. Anecdotes and examples.

In the second paragraph, try explaining the first point that is in your thesis. In the third paragraph, you have to explain the second point you state in the thesis. Finally, in the fourth paragraph, you will define the third point in your thesis.

In each of the paragraphs, you will have a topic sentence as the first sentence. The topic sentence will have you explaining the point from your thesis. Afterward, you should follow the first sentence with three others. The three sentences should explain why you think your point is valid. Finally, use your last sentence as a transitioning one to the next topic. 

Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion of the Essay

After writing the introduction, then following it up with explaining your main points in the body of the essay, it is time to write the conclusion. The conclusion should have two to five sentences. These sentences have two purposes. The first is to do a recap of the points you state in the body. The second purpose is to leave a lasting impression or mark on the reader of the essay.

When doing a recap, you should know that the first few sentences are key. Using different words, restate the three critical points of your essay. The reader should understand your stand after reading the recap. 

If you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your reader, your last sentences, in conclusion, are essential. You should ensure you write something that will leave the reader thinking about once they finish reading. Try using a question, a quote, or an anecdote. Share your essays with your friends so that they can give their feedback.