Is Chemistry That Important? Explanatory Assignment

Do you find yourself doubting the importance of chemistry at times? Would you like to know if chemistry homework is genuinely as important as people paint it to be? If yes, then worry not, for we have all the proof that you will need to fully agree that chemistry is essential. Hence for clarity and assurance, follow along and let us dive into this interesting and mysterious topic.

Most people view chemistry from only one perspective, the chemical perspective. That is where everyone assumes that the only thing that makes chemistry important is chemicals. I mean, of course, everything has chemical components, which make chemistry kind of a big deal, but chemistry goes beyond that. First of all, this subject plays a massive role in our day-to-day activities, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Hence to answer the question, “is chemistry that important?” We have researched and written this article; we hope it answers all your questions and clears all your doubts regarding the subject.

Chemical beings

Most physiology, anatomy, and biology courses all commence with chemistry. It goes above nutrients, poison, and medicine; almost everything that a human does is chemical.

Chemistry is even present in Geology. I mean, diamond is matter, simply the hardest due to really strong molecular bonds.

How is chemistry essential to our life?

The environment is made up of components composed of chemicals. Plus, most things that you see around the universe occur due to some chemical effect. That goes to show just how important chemistry is.

Poison prevention

Would you drink sulfuric acid or water when presented with both? Of course, the rational pick would be water, but why? We all know, from chemistry, that sulfuric acid cause harm to human whereas water is actually helpful. Hence once you are in a position to know which one is harmful and which one is not, then chances are that you will not suffer from sulfuric poisoning any time soon.

Chemistry helps humans identify toxic chemicals, hence preventing poisoning. Of course, you should label your chemicals too for extra precaution.

Curing diseases

Have you ever visited a hospital because you were ill? If your answer is yes, then you probably got a shot, or the doctor prescribed some medicine for you to take. Of course, once you took the medication, you were cured. Well, drugs and shots are developed using mostly chemistry knowledge.

Scientists research the many chemical reactions that occur in the human body. Through this research, they can develop medicines that cure pretty dangerous diseases. Hence chemistry is literally a lifesaver.

Chemistry goes hand in hand with some good money!

Are you wondering if you will get a high-paying job after college? If you are taking a chemistry-based course, then you should not worry about this at all. Chemistry courses mostly attain high-paying jobs in the employment market. I mean, chemistry is all about creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box, all good qualities to acquire a job.


When you study chemistry, you do not merely observe and record as most people assume. You look way beyond the fuzzing and white residue. You try to identify the reason as to why the reaction occurred. Every reaction extends your knowledge and way of thinking.


Chemistry is a pretty fun subject to learn. Through this subject, you get to know more about life and why some phenomena occur. Things like witchcraft are explained, and the world seems to become clearer. We hope this article has answered the question, “is chemistry that important?” in the best possible way.